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Twisted + an amazing podcast? WHAT A COMBO! | Twisted

by Elsa

Here at Twisted have been effortlessly combining foods for nearly a decade. We are proud, professional Combo Harvesters.
So we are overjoyed to announce our very first podcast – What A Combo! – which delves deep into the cruel and delicious world of foods that can be (but that maybe shouldn’t be) consumed at the same time.

Hosted by the incredible comedian, author and very non-fussy eater Fern Brady (@fernfrombathgate), and created in partnership with the lovely folks at Sony, in each episode Fern invites special guests to work their way through 3 progressively more challenging food combinations. Yes, it gets weird!

You can watch the full VIDEO EPISODES right here on our Youtube channel, and you can catch the audio episodes here….

Episode 1 featuring HASAN SEMAY (@bighas__) is live TOMORROW, don’t miss it!
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