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Moonlight Martini With Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

by Elsa

If you love a cocktail as much as we do, this apple and coriander seed Moonlight Martini made with Hendrick’s Lunar Gin is the most magical drink to sip whilst unwinding beneath the Last Quarter Moon. πŸŒ— 🍏 So fresh and delicious, we urge you to give it a try. See ingredients below & head to to see how to make it at home!

60ml Hendrick’s Lunar Gin
10ml Dry vermouth
10ml Apple and coriander seed syrup
2 Apples, chopped
300ml Sugar Syrup
2 big teaspoons of coriander seeds

Thanks @sashasips and @sarahkberardi for the cocktail creation and @cosmic_cures for your Lunar phase wisdom.

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