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Hendrick’s Lunar Gin Fizz Punch

by Elsa

This refreshing yet dazzling Lunar Fizz Punch is the perfect sharing cocktail to celebrate the Waxing Gibbous Moon. āœØšŸŒ” We feel a fullness of energy in this lunar phase as the Moonā€™s almost at full brightness. So grab your Hendrick’s Lunar Gin & some friends to celebrate in style šŸ„‚. See ingredients below & head to for the full method. Cheers!
Ingredients (10 serves)
300ml Hendrickā€™s Lunar Gin
100ml Sugar syrup
100ml Fresh lemon juice
200ml Fresh grapefruit juice
1 Bottle sparkling wine (750ml)
Block ice
Garnish with peach pearl dust and edible flowers (optional)
Thanks @sashasips and @sarahkberardi for the cocktail creation and @cosmic_cures for your lunar phase wisdom.
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