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“Crisps should be an inherently shameful experience” | Ivo Graham | Twisted

by Elsa

Fern Brady invites fellow comedian Ivo Graham to take a seat at the What A Combo table, and share some of his favourite food combinations.
Ivo is on the back foot from the get-go, with Fern attacking his poor eating habits mere moments after the intro has been uttered. His friends call him the dustbin’ because of his impressive ability to finish off anything in sight, and Fern takes this one step further, accusing poor Ivo of having no respect for food, nor himself.
Elsewhere, it’s an episode chocked full of strong opinions; the clagginess of aubergines, and truffle crisps get short shift from lvo, whilst two of his great loves, games and radishes, are combined in a radish-based quiz for the ages. Fern manages to confuse a type of potato with one of her comedian pals, Ivo describes the sad sight of eating pasta from a Tupperware box in his car, and of course the pair dissect lvo’s eating habits at the Prime Minister-making institution, Eton College.
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