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Can Flooring Be Truly Fashionable?

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We love the latest clothes, the new handbags and every little accessory that comes along, but when we look at design aspects of our home that are usually just for walking on, can we employ our love of fashion into our flooring choices?

We are not just talking about the look; we are talking about all the surrounding points that we may never usually comprehend. Can it be low maintenance, easy to install and mostly can it just be easy to take care of without fuss?

Easy on the Bank

Let’s look at the hot product – Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

Luvanto has an easy installation process that does not require a professional to install, therefore saving you a considerable chunk of change.

The product in question can be either a glue-down or click in place method, perfect for homeowners who love a bit of DIY. Simply having boards specifically cut to size ensures that there is no leftover mess after fitting out your room.

Safe from Harm

Walking, running, crawling – your floor simply has every kind of activity to handle every day.

With carpet and hardwood flooring you are living with spills staining or chairs scratching segments of the floor which can be costly to repair and replace and look patchy to match.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, due to its anti-scratch technology, is incredibly durable for upwards of 30 years. It can be as simple as a quick mop, a simple sweep and quick wipe up of stains which leaves zero trace of stain or discoloration.

No matter if it is mud, food, drink or rain you will be safe in knowing that a quick clean is all that is required.

Fashionably Safe All Year Around

You have heavy rain in the spring, hot weather in the summer and cold and damp in the winter.

This usually leaves regular flooring prone to water damage, humidity displacing or moisture in the air.

With Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, no leaking will soak through ruining subflooring that would need expensive work refitting. In the hot months you are not prone to rising of the flooring with humidity, and throughout those cold damp months there will be no need to worry over moisture damage.

With so many fashionable design choices to hand, getting the guidance from experts further open up the best for your home. Luvanto brings such designs as Herringbone, Parquet and Click to really fuel your home style.

The answer is yes, your flooring can be just as fashionable as everything else in your home, and if you love your home then Luvanto Design and Endure Pro are great choice’s from the Luvanto collection.


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