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Big Zuu travels to Newcastle to make A SCREAMER OF A PIZZA!

by Elsa

We teamed up with Pepsi MAX to put Big Zuu’s pizza making skills to the test against seasoned veterans in the pizza game. We all know pizza is the UK’s favourite meal to enjoy on a big game night, so we’re bringing every football loving food fan the marquee signing they’ve been waiting for; match winning pizzas! We’re challenging Zuu to travel around the UK to go head-to-head with pizzaiolos to find out what flavours are even better with Pepsi MAX. In our third episode, Zuu is in the North East to take on Victoria, owner of Scream for Pizza in Newcastle. Victoria shows off her Hot Buffalo Pizza before Zuu takes inspiration from the city – Making a, not so, traditional veggie Canal Floddie pizza to go up against the fan favourite. Even by our standards, this is sensational! WHICH PIZZA IS THE MATCH WINNER? TELL US YOUR FAVOURITE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. Stay tuned for more match winning pizzas as Zuu travels to another city to take on a different pizzaiolo…

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