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A New Partnership to Boost China Logistic Networks

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JD, in one of the largest retailers established in 1998 in Beijing, China. The company has many offices and development centers in many places to ensure its services are available worldwide. The company has over 10,000 employees who are stationed in various departments and sites such as driver’s riders, delivery people, packers, and departmental heads, to mention a few.

They have more than 300 million employees, and the number grows each day. The growth forced the company to develop its logistic network that would cover every last mile in China to ensure efficient and reliable deliveries. Their logistic network is faster than any company that deals with large-scale e-commerce services across the world. They have the fastest logistic network that facilitates same-day delivery to almost all orders made through them. If they cannot fulfill the order the same day, they will ensure it reaches their client in less than 48hours.

The company has made many partnerships to ensure millions of its customers get their products in good time. A recent collaboration is with the European Pallet association e.V (EPAL). JD Logistics was the first e-commerce platform authorized to control the EPAL, the leading pallet in the industry. The partnership between EPAL and JD Logistics will facilitate pallets’ distribution to various partners via JD cloud Box in China.

The JD Cloud Box is a logistics transaction platform that was developed by JD logistics. The JD Cloud Box also offers leasing, repair services, and online media for real-time transactions and information related to EPAL pallets Logistics. It’s aimed at increasing and improving the efficiency of both the manufacture and distribution of the pallets.

EPAL has an open pooling system that ensures the logistics carriers founded in 1991 are globally responsible for the EPAL load carriers’ high quality. This body gives licenses to EPAL to carefully and thoroughly vetted producers and repairs across the world. It currently has over 1500 licensed production and repair operations in more than 30 countries around the world.

JD Cloud Box is slowly becoming the world’s number one open trading platform that offers exchangeable logistics containers. JD Cloud Box is a part of JD logistics’ commitments to having sustainable supply chain management. JD Clod Box is now making plans to use the EPAL products in the future as their primary logistics carriers in their entire supply chain system. They plan to integrate EPAL’s products into JD’s worldwide logistics operations.

Their new partnership with EPAL has brought them close to making the China Logistics industry the world’s Smart leader, according to the JD Cloud Box head at JD logistics Jei Ji. He also said that having reliable access to these top-quality pallets on a required basis will make sure the supply chain ecosystem is highly efficient and effective. They are also working hard to make it convenient for more companies across China to get a chance to utilize EPALs pallets in their operations. It will significantly raise the standard for the whole of China logistics industry.

JD is a perfect partner that will enable EPAL to penetrate china’s domestic pallet market. The company has an outstanding commitment when it comes to quality and authenticity. JD also has a self-built logistic network across China which has solidified a trusted and reputable operation among their numerous consumers and businesses they are in partnerships with. Combining EPAL high quality and standardized pallets with JD logistics vast expertise on the local logistics network, the JD Clod Box platform will vastly transform the future of logistics in China and beyond.


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