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13 Ice Cream Based Desserts

by Elsa

We all scream for ice cream! Round off any meal in style with one of these delicious 13 ice cream based desserts!

0:00 – Ice Cream Poke Cake
1:39 – No Churn Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
2:55 – Mini Ice Cram Tacos
3:51 – 3 Ingredient Ice Cream Muffins
4:28 – Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Domes
5:44 – Biscuit Rum & Raisin Sundae
6:18 – Strawberry Daiquiri Sundae
6:40 – Chocolate Brownie Sundae
7:02 – Vanilla Sundae
7:20 – S’mores Ice Cream Cups
8:09 – Deep Fried Ice Cream Apple Pie
8:53 – Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
9:48 – Ice Cream Brownies Super Sundae

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