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Menu Plan Your Butt Off {November 22, 2015}

by Elsa

menu plan your butt off 11.22

It’s Sunday and we’ve got a fresh and delicious menu plan, with a printable grocery list…all for free!

The holidays are bearing down  and all of the sudden, I’m SO super busy. This week I’ve included some great recipes that are quick to cook…avocado turkey burgers, scrumptious shrimp linguini, a fresh and super green hummus…plus lots more. It’s all healthful and family friendly. It’s healthy menu planning made simple.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Menu Plan Your Butt Off and it takes a little pressure off as we dive headlong into a crazy time of year! Don’t forget to stop by every Sunday for a brand new menu plan!

Happy cooking!


Monday: Chicken Mango Crunch Salad

chicken mango

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Gluten Free Minestrone.


Wednesday: Creamy Cajun Shrimp Linguini with steamed green beans.


Thursday: American Thanksgiving! Enjoy all your favorites, in moderation. Then, take a nice walk or play some football in the crisp fall air!

Friday: Something light, after yesterday! Loaded Vegetable Frittata with fresh melon.

vegetable frittata

Saturday: Thanksgiving Salad (with leftover turkey) 


Sunday: Chicken Parmesan Casserole.


Snack: Spring Hummus with carrot sticks

spring hummus


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